Organizing takes a lot of time. Especially when we don’t know where things go. So we ask you to please pick up all toys, clothing , shoes and any miscellaneous items around the house.

We also ask you to walk through the home to make sure that the cleaning was satisfactory. And if you're unhappy with an area we've cleaned, please let us know .We’ll be happy to re-clean the area.

If we missed an area but you weren’t home at time of the cleaning, please call us within 24 hr and we’ll be back the next day clean it.

Lets us know what is most important to you. Tell us about your trouble spots!

Is very hard to tell what is good and what is bad as far as cleaning services goes, because everybody have their own likes and dislikes. So we ask, please let us know how you like things done!!!

We use a regular floor cleaner for the tile floor, but Mrs. Dennis has a 3 year old boy that is allergic to the chemical that we were using. So we were asked to only use vinegar. It does take a little more time to get the floors cleaned with vinegar, but we were willing to go the extra mile to keep both Mrs. Dennis and her 3 year old happy.

Some people get home and love the smell of our cleaning product. They say: The house smells clean. There are others who call to complain about the smell!! . So please let us know how you like it!!!

Some customers like us to dust and put everything back exactly where they were before, there are others who like when we put things away and rearrange them!

How about your beds? How do you like them done?

What is the main reason why you’re having your house cleaned, is it the dust? Do you have allergies ? Maybe you have a pet that sheds a lot and you are trying to keep the pet hair to a minimum. Let us know whatever your cleaning needs are, we’ll make a file with all your preferences.

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